Responsibly Harvested

We guarantee the quality and responsible harvesting of our fish by using longline hooks, and only hauling in wild-caught fish. We are proud to say that our fish come from responsibly managed, certified, sustainable fisheries.


Our Product Catalogue

While Bristol Wild Seafood Company predominantly trades in cod, we are currently expanding our product list to include selections of Bristol Bay’s other seafood—including wild-caught salmon. Our current product catalogue for retail and food service distribution includes:

  • Portions of boneless/skinless Alaska cod
  • Portions of boneless/skinless wild salmon
  • Fillets of boneless/skinless Alaska cod
  • Fillets of boneless/skinless wild salmon
  • Limited Time Offer! The Seattle Kraken Pack: mix of salmon and cod portions


Our Restaurant Menu

While Bristol Wild Seafood Company is primarily a seafood supplier, limited quantities of our seafood are available as freshly plated delights only at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena. Go Kraken!
Check Out Our Restaurant Menu