Bristol Wild Product Offerings

Please note that all seafood products ship at 1:00 pm, PST, every Tuesday. Due to the highly perishable nature of our seafood, all orders are shipped express. Shipping is free for all orders that cost more than $99.00. Please see our store's policies for more information.
Fresh Alaska Cod and Fresh Sockeye Salmon Portions

The Seattle Kraken Pack


The perfect product for anyone approaching shopping with an "all of the above" mentality, the Seattle Kraken Pack combines the best of both worlds into a single box! Savor individual portions of Alaska pacific cod and wild-caught Bristol Bay sockeye salmon while cheering on your favorite team. Go Kraken!

Cod portions are boneless with skin off. Salmon portions are boneless with skin on. Each box includes six 4-ounce portions of cod, and six 4-ounce portions of salmon.


Sockeye Salmon Fillets


Savor beautifully prepared fillets of Alaska's premium fish—wild-caught sockeye salmon straight from Bristol Bay. Packages include three boneless, skin on 16-ounce fillets.

Sockeye Salmon Portions


Enjoy individually prepared servings of Alaska's most famous fish—wild-caught sockeye salmon, harvested and frozen by Bristol Bay fishermen. Each box includes 12 four-ounce portions, all with skin on and bones removed.
Fresh Alaska Cod - Individual Portions

Alaska Cod - Individual Portions


Bite into flagship fish–longline Alaska Cod, caught and frozen on the Bering Sea. Each box includes 12 four-ounce portions, all with skin off and bones removed.