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It All Begins in Bristol Bay

Our history, home, and company all flow from Bristol Bay. As a subsidiary of Bristol Bay Native Corporation, one of twelve Alaska Native Regional Corporations, Bristol Wild Seafood Company is a minority-owned business. We proudly harvest the same fishing grounds that fed our Alutiiq, Dena’ina, and Yup’ik ancestors for over 10,000 years. As their descendants, we fish the way they taught us to—with reverence for our lands, waters, and all that live within it. Today, we continue their work as the largest longline Pacific Cod operation in the United States.

Our Mission

Our model for fishing traces back to our people’s origin—guiding where we fish, how we fish, and why we fish. We remain true to our history to ensure that our fish, our ecosystem, and our communities thrive.
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Our Environment

Coursing inland from the Bering Sea, the Bristol Bay region is a precious natural resource, one of the most valuable fisheries in the world, a gorgeous example of pristine wildlands—and, it’s home.

To us, ‘sustainability’ is not a buzzword. Bristol Bay is home to about 7,400 residents and thousands of Bristol Bay Native Corporation shareholders, many of whom continue to practice traditional subsistence lifestyles. These are our friends, our fishermen, and our families. We commit to sustainable fishing and environmental conservation in order to protect what is most important to us.

Our Catch

As the largest longline Pacific Cod fishing operation in the United States, our specialty product goes without saying. Our fishermen follow humane harvesting principles to ensure the responsibility of our operations, the quality of our fish, and the safety of our workers.

In addition to Pacific Cod, we offer wild-caught Alaska salmon and other seafood local to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. While Bristol Wild Seafood Company is primarily a seafood supplier, limited quantities of our seafood are available as freshly plated delights only at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena. Click on the link below to visit the Bristol Wild Market website and see what we have to offer. Go Kraken!